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Services should be designed

Businesses struggle to design effective services because their departments work in isolated silos.

Slinky Service will help you design services in a new way. A way that brings teams together.

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Service Design improves the experiences of both the customer and employee. By constantly evaluating and refining the ecosystem a business can create meaningful journeys and seamless delivery.

The lines between products/goods and services are becoming increasingly blurred. For example, buying furniture online is as much about the purchase experience, delivery communication and after-sales support as the actual item.

Services are becoming more complicated and it’s critical to ensure there are no weak links in the chain.

Few businesses are designing the way different touchpoints connect and there are no tools that show the connections or allow you to zoom in and out from the details quickly.

Don’t be that business. Be better. Design your services!

Who is Slinky Service for?

It will be for anyone who is building or maintaining a service - from teams designing for a channel (E.g. Mobile App) or phase (E.g. Join) to managers and stakeholders.


Service Designers

UX Researchers & Designers

UX Researchers & Designers

Product Owners

Product Owners

Marketing Teams

Marketing Teams

Business Strategists

Business Strategists



HR Managers

HR Managers

Project Managers

Project Managers

Every service is unique, so we give you total control

Setup your own phases, journey steps and channels including ones for staff or internal processes.

Add personas

You design with your customers in mind, so let’s define them with the usual needs, goals and frustrations, but also with as much detail as you need including notes, video interviews, designs and anything else you want.

Add other personas that participate in the service, oh and don’t forget the backstage staff. They’re just as important!

CommentJourney Touchpoint

Let’s add a touchpoint or hundreds

At a glance you can see participating personas and their satisfaction, your return on investment, any backstage actions and as much rich detail as you like.

Collaborate through comments as you design, prototype and launch touchpoints.

Keep adding. Now you’re starting to see the big picture.

Make the connections

Touchpoints are great, but you need to see the connections and how they link through the journey. Just drag to link them up.

Journey Zoom 3Journey Zoom 2Journey Zoom 1

Zoom in for details and out to see the big picture

Services are complex. That’s why it’s critical to see the how everything fits together, but also be able to zoom in to see more details quickly.

Highlight Journeys

Highlight journeys

Fade journeys you’re not working on into the background. Welcome zen focus!

Track Progress

Track progress

Highlight touchpoints at a certain stage of progress. Stages you’re able to define.

Customer Satisfaction

Monitor satisfaction

Get insight into customer and staff satisfaction levels across the service journey.

Analyse ROI

Analyse ROI

Track the return on investment for your work at each touchpoint, step and channel.

Customer Journey Step

Design at each step

We’re breaking down silos in your business, but it’s still important for teams to focus, so we give them step specific screens with relevant channels and backstage actions. Again, you can add as much detail as you like, even another Slinky Service project that could focus further on this step.

Design by channel

Our channel specific screens show all relevant touchpoints and allow you you to add more detail like design files or prototypes.


Now we’re getting

Slinky Service is currently being designed with passion. We’d love to keep you up-to-date with our progress.

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